Pure Awareness Center

Where you play a part in changing the world

Pure Awareness Center

Pure Awareness Center

Hello Creators of the New World

Welcome to our community website. We are all one and I hope you feel that. We were born in this special time to connect to eachother and make the change that mother earth is going through. We have a mission, to help eachother be the Highest Vibrating Selves we are in Essence. Only in this way we will make the changes we want to see in the world.

A place where you can Speak your truth

A place where you can let yourself Be seen

A place where you can be You

A place where you feel guided and supported

The world we are dreaming of is within our reach, when we believe and connect to each other. Let us show up and join in this center of pure awareness. When we are awake and conscious of our true essence, we can spread more light and love around so other people will remember their true essence and a bigger group can than show up and be the change.